BabelZ 1.1.3 Google Translate Update

BabelZ 1.1.3 has been released today with the following changes:

  • Added additional inline display modes (Google Translate)
  • Updated language list (Google Translate)
  • Added option “Your page contains content in multiple languages.” (Google Translate)
  • Added option “Automatically display translation banner to users speaking languages other than the language of your page.” (Google Translate)

Features Planned or in Development:

  • Bing/Microsoft Translator Widget

Download BabelZ 1.1.3 here or update your copy of BabelZ automatically through WordPress.

New Site Design & Organization

Welcome to the latest RSWR design. It’s based on the new clean WordPress twenty eleven theme. The old site was so clunky, unorganized and scattered all over the place, that I got extremely tired of updating the site. Now the site will be entirely WordPress driven and will allow me to make changes much quicker and more often than before. Expect new updates to be popping up in the near future for my wordpress plugins and other various PHP projects I have worked on over the past few years.

Use any of our WordPress Plugins?

I haven’t posted anything for quite some time. The time just flies by so incredibly fast these days. Now suddenly with the new release of WordPress 3.0 creeping up on me. It got me thinking; How many people use RSWR’s WordPress plugins?

If several people are still interested in my WordPress plugin development to continue, let me know by posting a comment, stating which plugin(s) you find useful and continue to use. If this post receives several comments, that might just get me to continue on with future updates.

If any of RSWR’s WordPress plugins are buggy with WordPress 3.0, I would appreciate if you could send along a bug report, either by commenting on this page or the feedback button on the left side of the page.